All the pretty ferments

Well, some of them.

I use the easy on the hands method of krauting.  I use the food processor. Hooray for the food processor!  My poor hands really appreciate it.  NEHoo, I shred the cabbage (and whatever else might need shredding, ginger, apples, for example) and add appropriate salt (I use a cupped palm full *probably a tablespoon* for every head of cabbage.).  I also add some ferment juice from another batch that I opened (see picture below, label well! :}) then let it sit for a while, then jam in the fido jars.  I get them at my local Kroger grocery store, but they can be found on line, or even at TJ Maxx sometimes.  In the wintertime I have a secret cabinet where I keep my science warm with a light bulb, or else its too cool in the house for the fermenting to happen.


Picture of secret fermenting closet to come.

Below are some of my ferments.  I did not get a fresh picture of the one I did with the cranberry recipe, only I used 1 head of red cabbage to each 2 heads of green.  its pretty and purplely/pink, which is what makes stashing that in the cosmic cranberry kombucha bottle a little tricky :}  note to self, get a picture of the ferments in the cabinet. I also did not take a picture of the ginger/lime leaf kraut.  It was not visually more spectacular than usual.

I tend to eat warm leftover meat with cool kraut. I dunno, stanky breakfast makes me glad!  My beloved is not a person who would tell you he liked kraut AT ALL (except that it makes me glad, so that makes him glad, but voting no eating, please and thank you!) but! He does enjoy it in savory “salads”, like a chicken salad or an egg salad in place of the pickles.

Honestly the tart pop of the crans in the cranberry kraut really has captured my heart!  I have a hard time making any batches of kraut (during this cranberry plenty season) without them!

The pomegranate seeds loose their lovely luster, so its amazing lovely at first like below, then visually its just kind of meh.  Hopefully the taste will make up for it!

*also.. I am a ferment for as long as I can stand it person.  I will open a first small bottle in maybe? a monthish, but you see I tend to make big ol jars, so they keep on bubbling until I am ready to crack those babies open.  All that to say, if I were a sooner to eat fermenter, the pom seeds would probably still be lovely jewels!*

Green cabbage, pomegranate, fennel, lime leaf , ginger, honeycrisp Pretty!  Delicious?  We shall see!

Green cabbage, pomegranate, lime leaf , ginger, honeycrisp
Pretty! Delicious? We shall see!


Cranberry, green cabbage, honeycrisp apple. YES TO DELICIOUS! Actually, this season I am hoarding all the crans and making all my empty jars full of this recipe. 1 honeycrisp to each 2 heads of cabbage. 1 bag of crans to each 2 heads of cabbage.

Mark Your Ferment Juice

Make sure if your ferment looks like cosmic cranberry booch, that you label it! That would be a trixy trick!



Stuffs of great joy, slow cooker, sorrel, quince, fermented lemons, oh My!

Showering.  Yes!

Having work, even overflowing work, so much nicer than not enough work for a full paycheck.

Listening to my awesome boogiedown playlist while I:

*prep this awesome slow cooker Chai tea brisket from Strictly Delicious

*toss bones, acv, salt and water in the roaster for some bone broth to make up

*Smell the beautiful quince that I bought at Wal-Mart yesterday!  Have you ever smelled a quince?  I had not, and now?  I am in love!  I am going to get more, so I can jelly/jam some and leave the others are awesome air fresheners!

I found out that in addition to being high in in pectin so that they jam/jell nicely, that the seeds can be used to make a cough syrup!  There are many links to be found, but here is an amazing Persian Kitchen blog that has tickled my BOB (big old brain).

I have been thinking about getting quince bushes for a while, but smelling the awesome scent of these – I think my dwarf pomegranates might have to get a new growing space or be sacrificed for the quince.  I have seen it growing down the street. I wonder if those folks even harvest the quince from their bush?  Note to self – pay some attentioning



Another thing to add to my fruit/veg/herb/spice list of the year *a la Terry Wahls, more on that later*

So, Sorrel or hibiscus.

It can be made into many things, like Zinger tea and setch, also I know its a Jamaican Christmas punch maker.  I made up some (our Hispanic population locally has grown and its awesome because now we have so much to choose from that we did not before, like local tamarind and hibisicus, I do not have to trudge across Atlanta to get it! yaay for diversity growing growing! ) dried hibiscus tea and whoot!  That stuff means business. I am weaning myself off coffee for the AIP come next month, and so am doing some warm drinks of hibiscus (sorrel) and fermented lemon tea.  BUT!  this grocery shopping trip, DeKalb had fresh sorrel, so I gave it a try and boiled I up last night.

So good to my tastebuds that like tangy flavors. So much lighter than the dried tea I made.

I added a bit of maple syrup to my cup this morning, pretending I was having a Christmas office party, but 1 T is not really enough to sweeten the 2 cups of this tea, so, enough to sweeten it, seems like its going to be a seriously unhelpful amount of maple syrup in my face for just a sweet drink.  Good thing for me tangy works fine.

Also,  note to self about linking up rosella jam, speaking of hibiscus/sorrel

note to self, link up AIP, quick fermented lemons, regular fermented lemons and sorrel info!

Now to work!!

Have an awesome day, folks!  You know, if you like.  I am not thebOssa you!  :}

Happy, healthy, whole, coming at us.