Heaven smells a little like deer poop

Lately, the shortness of time has been so impressed upon me, so I sit in a moment and tell myself about what I feel, smell, hear, et cetera.


I love watching the dogs play Ded Dawg out in the yard.  I mostly will go snoogle up Moosh (dulci) when she is in the yard all warm and sunny.


Today I went out and she was all warm and sunny, the neighbor is mowing, she had rolled in some poop remotely (not surprisingly) because there was the faint smell of eeeww doooodooodoo! on her and it was so nice (the moment, not the poop smell), I came and got the camera to try and capture the moment.





Then Mae came out to have a moment.  You can see, it worked different with her.  :} Aaaah.. aussies.


Then they went to graze and contemplate, all bovine like.


Ah.  The beautiful life.  Its a good thing. 

And so say all of us.



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